Andy’s Shed Live for Sunday 10th March 2019

This week’s live show experienced a few technical issues with the YouTube stream, so it’s split into two parts. Unfortunately, as with most new technology, video streaming still has a few bugs we need to get ironed out, which is not helped by the fact that streaming is quite bandwidth heavy and pushes our equipment to the limits of what it can do. Occasionally we go over those limits, the result of which is the stream dropping out and a split video. I hope it doesn’t spoil your enjoyment of the show too much.

This week there’s a brief look at the repair of an Ansonia mantle clock that I did for a client of the Chesterfeild Repair Cafe and the unveiling of the Contempra telephone that had a big hole in the handset, which was repaired using my ‘ABS slurry’ technique on last week’s show.

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