Transatlantic Telephones: A Trio Of 500s

As if I didn’t collect enough stuff already, in the last few years I’ve started collecting old telephones. Most that I’ve found have been from here in the UK, but yesterday I picked up no less than three 500 series phones that originated on the good old USA! They’re not just any 500s either. These are particularly early examples with metal finger wheels. Two are from 1952, while the third is dated 1964.

The following photos all show the first phone…

The next set show the second phone…

And finally the third phone…

Click on any of the photos above for the full sized image.

I’m currently trying to get these phones working on the current UK plug & socket system. The first one is already wired up and currently under test. I’ll let you know how I get on.


2 thoughts on “Transatlantic Telephones: A Trio Of 500s

  1. Hi great find and older models, who are they by W/E Stromberg Carlson? Ireland used the 500 phone but wired to their standards by Northern Electric of Canada. Like your web site

    1. I’m not sure who made them. I didn’t investigate that far yet. I don’t think yhey are Irish though because Northern Electric tended to use the number only dial bezel.

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